Gallery Alerts!

1. Each Artist may submit 5 pieces.  When you tag your items in the studio, please be sure to use the same Title and Price as you listed on the online Gallery.  It's sometimes tricky to tell which piece was sold if that info doesn't match.

2. U.S. Sellers must have a W-9 form on file with the Treasurer.  Non-U.S. Sellers must also check with the Treasurer to confirm their exemption from the W-9 requirement.

3. Updated Gallery Policy and Procedures is located here.

4. There are two places on the website where you can input your Gallery Requests:
  • From the homepage, use "Submit a Gallery Request"
  • Once you're logged in, click "Interactive Forms", then select "Submit a Gallery Request".
Always feel free to email or talk with the Gallery Staff iin the studio, f you have questions about Gallery operations.